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Has your character broken a rule?
Are they sneaking off to another campus?
Do you want them to get caught and face the consequences? 
Leave your threads here! Please label if it's for CONQUEST or FORTITUDE so the appropriate Prefects can deal with it!

Current Prefects
CONQUEST - Santana, Flynn, Nephenee, Suzaku, Cirno, Yuka, Arthur
FORTITUDE - Nanami, Rebecca, Yuri, Alex, Sora
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Santana sits comfortably in her chair across from Day. It's been a week since the others had left, leaving the six of them behind to power the towers and allow their departure. She was a bit bitter that she was chosen to stay behind, but she could deal with it. Well, she could deal with it if things weren't so boring all the time! Her prefect digs were pretty sweet, she had to admit, and it was nice to have her own room after being forced to stay with other people but it became easier to lock herself in the room and not come out to deal with the others and the fact she's still stuck here.

Sigh sighs and focuses her attention onto Day, her partner, Weapon, mentor, and headmistress. They had an odd power dynamic but they worked well together nonetheless. "So now what? We've been stuck here for a week with nothing to do and frankly I'm bored out of my mind! I need out of this town. That or something new to do. No offense but dealing with the same five people every day be gettin' on ma nerves 'n' I do not feel like dealin' wit' 'em," the more she spoke the louder and noticeably more Latina she got. She even stood up half way through but at the end she flopped down back into her chair.

"Ugh, what are we supposed to do?" She's looking at you Day, hope you have some kind of answer.
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Prefect of Conquest
Red Dorm
Turned up relatively late to the previous session
In the beginning she didn't go to class very often but after a while she has perfect attendance considering she was getting paid
Has attempted to bend almost every rule
After a while she began to enjoy battling, she's pretty vicious
Not the nicest to her weapons (as a prefect she loves the discards)
Whip named Athena (+10 Strenth, Fire damage, Poison, Invigorating Melody, Intimidation)
Was made to stay behind because she had no problem sacrificing others
Linked with Day


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